Winter Riding Tips for All-Weather Adventure


Your nose isn't the only thing Jack Frost nibbles at. As he blows, snow cues up, and Nimbus clouds move in, he's taking charge of the weather. Time to store the bike? Not you. Take a look at our favorite tips to keep you riding year-round.

Ebike in winter

Keeping your e-bike battery warm

The warm environment needed to operate all of this. When not winter riding your bike, you need to store your e-bike battery in a warm, dry and safe place. Doing so will protect your battery from harsh weather, help it stay charged, and preserve its lifespan.

The room temperature where the battery stored also needs to kept at a certain temperature. Charging and storing the battery indoors between 50 °F - 77 °F / 10 °C - 25 °C is the best storage temperature for your next winter riding. Failure to do so may render your battery completely unrepairable, rendering your battery unusable and possibly causing a dangerous situation.

For riders looking for an easy way to transport their batteries, Breeze Rider Ebike carries a custom battery case designed to make it easy for you to take your batteries on the road.

Choosing the right bike light

Ebike light

When darkness comes you need to improve the visibility of your bike. On BRE Ebikes bikes equipped with a headlight and taillight. However, in high traffic areas or on roads that need enhanced lighting - such as trails without lampposts - the extra brightness may help you find your way home more easily in the winter.

Wearing cold-proof cycling clothing

Ever tried riding a bike in cold temperatures without gloves? For riding year-around, the pro tip: Don't ever do this. Because frostbite can get you pretty hard, using waterproof gloves, clothing and shoes can go a long way to avoiding this. You can choose gloves with heating, or buy gloves that suit your individual needs. Be sure your hands provide enough dexterity for throttle and brake use.

Another smart option for winter riding is a heated helmet (ski or snowboard helmet). They are designed with soft, cushioned padding that will keep your head and ears warm. If you decide you don't want to buy another helmet? Then you can choose a hood that covers your head and ears while also providing facial protection (hint: these hoods can also be tucked under a ski/snowboard helmet for double the insulation!) .

Ebike cloth

Tackle wet terrain with fat tires

Our electric bikes are designed for year-round riding. Our flagship fat tire, the BRE V8, gives you a full four inches of tire width for your ride. This gives you the freedom to ride not only in the summer, but even in icy conditions, you can still ride it and enjoy the snow.

No matter what your bike model, follow the rules of the rain.

  • Wear protective clothing
  • Use caution in slippery or deep puddle areas (avoid submerging your e-bike/battery at all times)
  • Park and store your e-bike (especially the battery) in a dry place whenever possible
  • Wipe down your e-bike after riding

Be safe out there, and most importantly, have fun!

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