what trasportantion will be great to use in busy city?


Getting around without a ebike is easier than ever in New York.

Services such as car sharing, public transportation and dockless bike sharing (the latest addition to the service) mean that New Yorkers have more options than ever to ditch their cars and add a little variety and convenience to our commutes to work and short commutes with ebike.

Recently, the popular technology news site GeekWire published an article testing various modes of transportation to see which was the fastest. Their route was from their office in the soso neighborhood of Manhattan to Times Square in Midtown, a five-mile route through downtown New York City during rush hour each day. They tested options such as cars, buses, car sharing, pedal cars and electric skateboards, but we noticed they left out a very popular and efficient mode of transportation - electric bikes! That's why we needed the BreezeRiderEbike.

So, we rode the same route and started at the same time to stay consistent with the GeekWire test. Our participants (all RPB team members, two men and one woman) were of varying athletic abilities and had lived in New York for between one month and three years.



Here's a quick glance at the numbers from the GeekWire test. 

Method Time in Minutes
Bus 30
Personal Car 20
Lyft 20
UberX 20
ReachNow 20
Pedal Bike 15
Onewheel+ 25


Our time to beat: 15 minutes.

Let's go! 


Meet the BREEZE RIDER EBikes' Team

Names: Mike, Eric, and Emily

Mode of transportation: BRE300O, BRE300B, and BREV8

Years getting around Newyork: between 1 month and 3 years

Cost: The Breeze Rider Ebike costs about $1500 for an electric bike, depending on the model. It can also be financed through Affirm, with payments starting at $125 per month for 12 months with no interest.
Know how to ride a bike. Also, we highly recommend a helmet and appropriate safety/rain gear, including reflective clothing, close-toed shoes, rain gear, etc.



Our Key Observations For Electric Bikes

On the positive side. E-bikes are practical, efficient, and allow us to get to our destination without being exhausted and sweaty. Our e-bikes make it easy to pack everything you need for the day in a coiled bag, so you don't have to worry about carrying a backpack or arriving at your destination with only your own clothes on (which is especially handy on rainy days).

E-bikes can be ridden in normal bike lanes, so you can avoid all the stop-and-go traffic and be safer. When a street doesn't have a bike lane, you can rest easy knowing that an electric motor can help you keep up with stop-and-go traffic when you need to merge into a small section of the road.

About the negatives. Riding any bike in congested traffic can be a bit intimidating. While our e-bikes have lights, reflectors and bells, you never know if the car next to you doesn't see you.

It can be frustrating to be forced to ride on the road occasionally when the road you have to take doesn't have a dedicated bike lane. Fortunately, you can plan your route in advance to greatly reduce or eliminate the chances of this happening altogether.

When riding an e-bike in New York. Our route was almost entirely on bike lanes and roads. This is a huge benefit of e-bikes because you can ride on both, so briefly entering the road is not a problem (especially if a huge truck is blocking the bike lane).

New York roads are never the best, so having a front suspension fork (like the BRE300O and BRE300B) or fat tires (like the BREV8) makes for a significantly smoother ride.




We got there in under 25 minutes!

E-bikes were the fastest mode of transportation in this test, beating all of the methods GeekWire tested in their original article. We were easily able to shave 6 minutes off their fastest time on Onewheel+. Also, we believe we could have done it even faster with route optimization, as road closures forced us to take a slight detour.

E-bikes are a truly wonderful way to get around, especially in a bike-friendly city like New York, which ranks among the best in the country. The extensive network of bike lanes and trails means that you can easily find a way to get where you need to go without dealing with traffic, while still enjoying the amazing views of New York.

BreezeRiderEBike offers four different models of electric bikes to suit almost any need. We are conveniently located in New York's Jamaica neighborhood, and we offer free test rides on all models, which means you can discover which model is best for you.

(We're glad we were able to complete the GeekWire test, which included every legal form of transportation.) 

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