What EBike Size do I Need?


In addition,Riding an electric bike not only a fun activity.  In other words, a great workout for your body and mind. Therefor the ebike size you choose will play a key role in your comfort and safety. You need the right type and size of e-bike to make the most of this activity. Considering the right e-bike to purchase, many factors must be considered: color, design, type, and most importantly, size. You may have noticed that there is a wide variety of e-bike sizes and you may be asking yourself, What size e-bike do I need?  We'll give you a thorough explanation.

What is the size of my e-bike?

Accurately calculating your e-bike size and learning how to adjust it is essential for an enjoyable and safe ride. Your e-bike size will usually change over time, as it depends largely on your height.

Knowing your e-bike size in advance is crucial when trying to purchase an e-bike without the possibility of trying it out ahead of time. Is this a problem? Not necessarily. Today, the online market is full of great opportunities for electric bikes. After that, if you find an interesting option, you can always check to see if you can find it in a store near you and try it out.  However, the Breeze Rider Ebike website may offer electric bikes that you may not have easy access to. Above all, following this e-bike size guide will allow you to figure out which size is right for you and take advantage of it. Please read on to learn how it works.


Electric Bicycle Selection Guide

A simple guide to e-bike sizing can be boiled down to a few simple suggestions. For instance, determine the type of e-bike you want, then measure your height, and finally find out the standing height. Read on as we elaborate on these points.

Choosing an e-bike type

Do you ride an urban e-bike across town to and from work every day in a mostly paved area? Do you have to ride an urban e-bike to get on a bus or train? Or do you usually traverse rugged terrain? Maybe you're an adventurous person who likes to race on mountain trails on the weekends? There is a type of e-mountain bike for every purpose, considering how best to use your e-mountain bike is critical to deciding on the type.


Measure your height

After you've decided on the type of electric bike.  You need to measure your height if you don't already know. Knowing the type of e-bike you need and your height is the easiest way to find out what size e-bike you need. At this point, we can scroll down this page and refer to our e-bike sizing char. By focusing specifically on road, city and mountain e-bikesTherefore, this is not the only way to find the right frame size, it is the easiest way!


Consider stand-up height

Now, to get a more optimal size for a more enjoyable and comfortable ride, you may want to check the stand-up height. Stand-up height is the distance between the floor and the e-bike top tube. Similarly, you can try this before you buy an e-bike, then you will need to stand on the e-bike with your feet an inch from each other. After that, you are ready to go! After that, you just need to take a lower crotch measurement and compare it to the standing height.

E-bike Size Chart

The e-bike size chart will give you the frame size in relation to the height of the rider. This will vary for men and women depending on the type of e-bike you prefer. Below you will find e-bike size charts based on the type of e-bike: road e-bike vs. mountain e-bikeTherefore, take a look to decide what works best for you.

Men’s road ebike and mountain ebike size chart

Road ebike

Mountain ebike

Rider height

Frame size

Rider height

Frame size

148-152 cm

47-48 cm (XXS)

148-158 cm rider 

13-14 inches (XS)

152-160 cm

49-50 cm (XS)

158-168 cm

15-16 inches (S) 

160-168 cm 

51-53 cm (S)

168-178 cm

17-18 inches (M)

168-175 cm

54-55 cm (M) 

178-185 cm 

19-20 inches (L) 

175-183 cm

56-58 cm (L)

185-193 cm

21-22 inches (XL) 

183-191 cm

58-60 (XL)

193-198 cm

23-24 inches (XXL)

191-196 cm

61-63 (XXL)



Women’s road ebike and mountain ebike size chart 

Road ebike


Mountain ebike


Rider height

Frame size

Rider height

Frame size

147-155 cm

44-46 cm (XXS)

148-158 cm 

13-14 inches (XS)

155-160 cm

47-49 cm (XS)

158-168 cm

15-16 inches (S) 

160-165 cm

50-52 cm (S)

168-178 cm

17-18 inches (M)

165-172 cm

53-55 cm (M)

178-185 cm 

19+ inches (L) 

172-180 cm

56-57 cm (L)





eBike size chart for kids

In additonal, adults it is the size of the frame that matters, for kids it is the wheel diameter that will vary according to their age and height. 

Age (years)

Height (cm)

Wheel diameter (inches)

First bike

88 – 105


3 – 5

98 – 112


5 – 7

100 – 120 

16 / 18

7 – 9 

120 – 135


9 – 11

135 – 145






Final Thoughts

Finding the right size e-bike for yourself or those around you is not a complicated task if you follow the guidelines we've shared. For instance, there are many other factors that are important to a comfortable and safe ride, from the height of the saddle and handlebars to the clothing used. Above all, it may take some time to get used to at first, after a while it will become second nature. Enjoy the ride!

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