Is A More Powerful Ebike Better?


There has been an increase in the popularity of electric bikes as people look for a more environmentally friendly and convenient alternative to driving a car. A rider's personal preferences and needs can be met by many different ebikes, and one of these characteristics is power.

Are higher-powered electric bikes better than their lower-powered counterparts, even though they are more expensive? Throughout this article, we'll discuss how much power you should choose for an electric bike motor.

The Basics of Electric Bike Motors

bike motor power

Here are the basics of electric bike motor power before we get into the details. Watts are the measurement of the power of an electric bike motor. A motor's power is determined by its wattage. E-bikes range in power from 250 W to extremely powerful motorbikes.

Additionally, E-bike motors aren't all the same. There may be some differences between 500 W motors from different manufacturers, for example. Quality issues lead to underrating these motors, and sometimes local laws limit their power output, so brands often underrate their motors in order to comply.

Therefore, we must follow the output indicated by ebike manufacturers. Despite this, it's worth keeping in mind that two motors labeled with the same power may not be the same. Power, however, is one of the most important characteristics of an electric bike. As a result, it determines how and what you can do with it.

How Does Torque Work?

A typical electric bike motor has torque figures ranging from 75 Nm to 90 Nm. A motor's power delivery to the rear wheel is indicated by these numbers. The assistance level you choose affects the ability to ride up steep hills, but higher torque motors are much easier to use.

The motor assists you by about 50% when you ride your electric bike at its lowest assistance level. Pedaling inputs are enhanced by about 300%, depending on the bike and the manufacturer.


Electric bikes are geared according to their motor power and your bike's gearing determines how fast they can go. The top speed of ebikes is limited due to legal restrictions. The top speed in the US is 20 mph, while in Europe it is 28 mph. In order to stay on the right side of the law, you should consider these restrictions before you buy your electric bike.

What is the right amount of power for me?

Currently, electric bikes are available in different power levels.


BRE E300

Ebike with 350 W

BRE E300 

Electric bikes with 350 W power are at the other end of the spectrum. In some cases, you will find Ebikes with 200 W motors, but these are more like scooters and are for recreational purposes.

Electric bikes with 350 watts of power typically designed for cruising over flat terrain. You would find that if you rode one of these bikes on the throttle mode up a steep hill, it would struggle to climb.

While an E-bike fitted with a hub motor and a cadence sensor would have significantly better climbing performance, a 350 W electric bike with a torque sensor will be significantly better.

Downshifting through the gears allows mid-mounted electric bikes to achieve higher torque. It is for this reason that you'll see some high-end electric mountain bikes with just 350 watts, in order to stay within local laws.

On flat terrain, a 350 W electric bike will perform well. When riding a regular bike, most people do not produce 350 W, so these bikes still help you peddle significantly. It's not very good at accelerating if you are heavy or have to carry cargo.

A low-powered electric bike with a hub-mounted motor should not used by someone carrying a lot of weight. Overheating of the motor cause by steep hills and heavy weight, causing damage if you maintain a reasonable level of speed.

E-bikes with 750 watts


You'll experience a whole new world of power when you step up to an electric bike with 750 W. You'll experience a surge of torque that is addictive as you pedal.

These ebikes offer a whole new level of entertainment thanks to their increased acceleration and ease of climbing hills.

Heavy riders will really feel the benefits of electric bikes with 750 W and higher. As a result, climbing hills becomes fun and manageable. This higher-power motor will give heavy riders more acceleration and torque.

This type of motor typically found on bikes designed to handle rugged terrain or carry heavy loads. One of these motors will help the rider climb steep climbs on an electric mountain bike designed for Alpine peaks. Large motors also found in electric bikes designed to carry heavy loads, such as cargo bikes. It is much easier to haul cargo with the extra torque.


Powerful Electric Bikes: What You Need To Know

When it comes to riding an ebike, having a lot of power may seem best. However, power comes with a few drawbacks.


Suspension in full
The components of more powerful electric bikes are heavier. Motors and batteries are not the only parts that are heavier. To handle the extra power, suspension and brakes must be beefier. When cornering, the weight of the bike can make it slightly more cumbersome and more difficult to lift and carry.


Battery that can be removed
Electric motors with higher power require more battery power. As a result, its range may compromised unless the motor and battery matched well. During long trips, you may need to charge your electric bike battery more often or carry a spare.

Consider a 500W motor powered by a 1000Wh battery as an example of the battery's life with a specific motor power. Within two hours, the battery will completely drained at 100%.

As a result, you should really consider how you plan to use your electric bike. An electric bike with the most power may not need if you only ride on relatively flat terrain. Consider a lighter, less powerful electric bike with a longer range instead.

In hilly areas or if you need to carry a lot of weight, a more powerful electric bike would be best.

Does More Power Make a Difference?

Powerful electric bikes are often beneficial in many situations. It is much easier to climb hills with them since they can carry additional weight. Some of these more powerful electric bikes have a shorter range, so be sure to consider how far you can travel on a single charge before purchasing.

The above sharing hopefully gives you a better understanding of what an electric bike can do for you. Click here to learn more!

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