If Ebike Was Winter Sporting Events


Our electric bikes aren't currently competing on the world's biggest sporting stage. But just like elite athletes, Breeze Rideer Ebike bikes are hard-working, fast, agile and adaptable to their environment. If they were to go for shiny hardware in a winter sporting event, what event would it be?


Put on your helmet. The whistle blows. Off you go, chasing pucks, goals and victories across the ice. the Breeze Rider Ebike electric bike isn't a field hockey team, and it's not playing for championship status. But its moped style sure keeps it out of the penalty box! Like male and female players battling it out on smooth ground, Breeze Rider Ebike riders are not only nimble enough to navigate twists, turns and traffic, but they can often bring a partner along for the ride.


Not only can our fat tires take on mountainous, hilly, and even snowy terrain, but it is often the hunter's buggy of choice, unloading easily in a flash and transporting quickly and quietly through fields and forests. It can also easily carry the rifles needed for target shooting in biathlon competitions. One might even say that riding a BRE V8 is target shooting.

BRE E300

It's big, and it's strong at the same time. Like a strong, muscular skater tackling speed skating, the BRE E300's wide, sure-footed tires give it the ability to sprint over surfaces where others might think twice.

Costumes! Exciting scenes! Bold choreography and navigation on the ground. And that's just one trip on the BRE E300 commuter bike, which not only gets you around a busy downtown and back. It's also suitable for figure skating. Make it a pairing activity and find a friend to ride the BRE E300 e-bike with you.

BRE E300

It's light. But it's the most robust bike - just like a snowboarder who catches big air in the halfpipe or jumps down a ramp, the BRE E300B has the agility and mobility to take on or off steep surfaces and feel nothing but the wind in your face.


Of course, our electric bikes aren't actually winter sports racing bikes. But we hope that our bikes will bring you the ideal life that will allow you to go after your big dreams and make them a reality. We also wish the winter athletes who compete to achieve their lifelong dreams as well!

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