Have a fantastic ride despite the rough road!


Pain points of riding on the bumpy road

Many cycling enthusiasts like to ride an electric bike for adventure or to the top of the mountain to overlook the picturesque scenery. It often brings a great sense of accomplishment. Still, behind the success, we would find many difficult riding sections, and shocks are annoying when riding on rough and steep roads, especially when we need to go downhill. And it would be harder for a novice to control the handlebars in this situation. So how to choose a kind of electric bike to help us have a better riding experience?

Rough Road

The necessary functions of electric bike

First of allthere would be evident vibration for the bumpy road section when riders speed up, especially when going downhill. If the riders cannot control the handlebar well, it would likely cause a safety accident. Therefore, shock absorption is essential. It can ensure a smoother ride, thereby ensuring the rider's safety.

Secondlywide and fat tires are also crucial; larger tires can handle rougher terrain. The wide tires provide riders with extra grip and traction. In addition, by combining fat tires with low tire pressure, riders can pedal over terrain where conventional tires would sink.

Thirdlydifferent modes of electric bikes can help riders adjust the speed according to their needs and help them complete the ride when the physical strength is exhausted. But, of course, if the rider wants a more challenging experience, he can also not choose the assist mode and use the traditional bike mode.

Finally, the comfortable seat can also play an important role. The soft seat can allow riders to ride longer without feeling pain. Moreover, it can further weaken the discomfort caused by the vibration.

Breeze Rider Ebike is a good choice

Breeze Rider Ebike provides riders with a Fashionable Fat Tire Electric bike to help solve the problems of riding on the rough road. There are four main functions of the ebike.

Fashionable Fat Tire Electric bike
  • Front and Rear Suspension System

The Fashionable Fat Tire E-bike has a professional front and rear suspension system. E-bike suspensions help ride more comfortably and safely by absorbing bumps and vibrations. In addition, using springs and dampers reduces vibration and shock caused by road bumps, potholes, and other imperfections. In detail, the front suspension system is adjustable hydraulic suspension; when riding over rough terrain, it utilizes fluid-filled shock absorbers to provide additional cushioning and damping to improve rider comfort. Moreover, the rear suspension system provides shock absorption and cushioning when landing or dropping hard. Therefore, with the full suspension, the riding would be smoother, regardless of the terrain. In addition, full suspension is probably the best choice for those who are looking to take their riding to the next level.
Front Suspension System    Rear Suspension System
  • 20 inches * 4 inches All Terrain Tires

The Kenda All-Terrain Fat Tires offer upgraded grip and superior shock absorption. These 20 inches * 4 inches fat tires will not only keep you safe, but provide you with an easy and smooth riding experience.

Fat Tires
  • 3 Riding Modes

There are 3 riding modes, pure electric mode, pedal-assist mode, and classic bike mode. For the purely electric mode, there is no need for you to step on the power, you just need to handle to move forward. The pedal-assist mode assists you with pedal strength and provides about 50% output. And for the classic bike mode, there is zero power consumption, and the power assist system is off. Therefore, riders can choose one mode they prefer based on their needs.

The seat size is about 59cm or 23.22 inches, which is larger than the regular. The larger size makes you have a more comfortable ride.

Oversized Soft Seat

In conclusion, the Fashionable Fat Tire E-bike with the full suspension system, fat tires, three riding modes, and oversized soft seats ensures your safe and comfortable riding experience despite the rough road! If you want to climb the mountain or go somewhere the road is rugged, Breeze Rider Ebike is always an excellent choice for you!

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