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As for electric bikes, some beginners don't know how to use their gear shift system. And beginners should familiarize themselves with the gears on their bicycles to understand how to use them. This is an important skill to practice, as you can only change gears while pedaling. After this, the focus should shift to how to use bicycle gears when appropriate.

What are bike gears?

Gear is a great invention that allows us to ride faster, get up hills more accessible, and have more fun riding. Gears translate the force you apply on the pedals into the specific output on the wheels. There is a limit to how much power your muscles can produce, and there is usually the most efficient optimal rhythm (how fast you rotate the pedals).

Changing your gear to stay within that range widely, depending on the terrain and conditions, allows you to advance more efficiently.

How to use bike gear shifter? 

Anticipate the terrain

If you're riding uphill or windward, you'll feel an increase in effort. This is because the ‘low speed’ gear on the bike is the smallest sprocket at the front and the largest sprocket on the rear gear. In this position, pedaling is most accessible, and you can pedal uphill with minimal resistance. Therefore, switching to a lower gear makes sense to solve the problem.

Also, remember to shift gears before climbing, not when you slow down quickly and put maximum pressure on the pedals. If you shift gears on hills, shift gears one at a time and temporarily reduce the strain on the pedals while shifting gears. If you hear a lot of friction, it could be a sign that you're putting too much pressure on the pedals while shifting gears – excessive friction can wear out your drivetrain faster. On flat or downhill sections, multiple gears can be changed at once.

Slow down and engage a lower gear to accelerate out of turn more easily when you're on a sharp turn. Similarly, if you need to stop at certain traffic lights, switch to easier gear to make riding easier when the light is green.

A big no-no is that when you use an external drivetrain, you shouldn't shift gears when stationary. Instead, always ensure you pedal to perform a smooth shift, gradually shifting gears throughout the range to find the right gear.

Use an easier gear

When in doubt, use the simpler gear. Changing into a gear that is difficult to pedal may seem faster, but it can quickly drain your strength and can cause damage to your knees. Pedaling at a higher pace in an easier gear is more efficient than pedaling slower in a harder gear.

Throughout the ride, maintain the maximum pedaling speed that makes you feel comfortable. Then, after a few rides, you can sense it's suitable for your pace. You can also scientifically understand things by purchasing a bike computer to monitor the speed while riding precisely.

Which Gear on a Bike is Easiest?

The simplest gear on a bike usually depends on the type of bike you are riding. However, a hybrid bike with 7 gears will have its ‘simplest’ gear on top of the flywheel located at the rear.

If the gearshift mechanism of your gear shows numbers, the same ‘easiest’ gear on the flywheel will be called gear ‘1’. The gear is perfect for climbing and low-speed riding. 

Electric bikes with a 7-speed gear shift system

The fat tire electric bike has Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, which provides accurate and smooth gear shifting capability. As a result, it moves easily during the ride to tackle those hills. 

electric bike

Besides, it has a multi-function LCD. It supports you in controlling the ride easily. You can adjust the assist level from 0 to 7 to lower or raise the speed assist easily. Speed, battery output voltage and capacity status, accumulated mileage, and other information are shown on display. It is clear at a glance.

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