Electric Bikes vs. Electric Scooters, which one is better?


Nowadays, many people ride modern electric bikes or electric scooters to commute or have a trip, especially commuting in a city. They are much cheaper than cars and helpful in commuting to avoid traffic. Besides, they are eco-friendly. Among all modes of transportation, they are one of the cleanest and greenest. So, it is an excellent way to ride e-bikes or electric scooters to reduce your carbon footprint. But how can we make a selection from them? Here are some pros and cons of electric bikes and scooters.

Electric Bike - Pros

  • Choose a mode you prefer to save energy or do exercise

Most electric bikes have three modes, Pure electric mode, pedal-assist mode, and classic bike mode If you want to exercise, you can choose the classic bike mode, and if you're going to save time or energy, you can select electric mode or pedal-assist mode. Aside from that, you won't worry about an empty battery since you can normally ride even if the battery is empty.

breeze rider ebike
  • No worry about long distance

An e-bike can generally go between 22 to 50 miles with pedaling on one charge. Some long-range electric bikes can go between 70 to 80 miles per charge. So, if you want a long cycling trip, e-bike is a good choice.

Long Range Electric Bike
  • Easy to maintain

The electric bike is just an ordinary bike with an added battery and motor, so it is easy and would take little time to maintain or repair.

Electric Bike - Cons

  • More expensive

It can cost between $1,000 and $4,000 for a basic commuter e-bike and $10,000 to $12,000 for a customized high-end e-bike. So, the pricing is higher than regular bikes and electric scooters.

  • Long charge times

It usually takes between 3.5 and 6 hours to fully charge an electric bike battery. If you need to ride somewhere, this is a long time to wait. You can still ride with a partial charge, but your range will be reduced. A 10 amp charger can charge some electric bikes to 80% in just 1-2 hours.

Electric Scooter – Pros

  • Easy to use and portable

Driving a mobility scooter is no more complicated than riding a bicycle. Thus, the vast majority of people will be able to learn how to use an electric scooter relatively quickly. And it is relatively light and portable, which brings great convenience to riding it to hang out.

  • Save your energy

If you are tired of riding a bike and burning energy, electric scooters are a good alternative. Since they don’t need much physical effort, E-Scooter is an excellent way for people who are too lazy to go by bicycle or by other means of transport that require physical work. Electric scooters are also a suitable alternative if you have any health problems and cannot do exhausting physical activities.

  • Perfect for short distance

Electric scooters are beneficial for short distances. For example, you can ride them to work for a few miles or use these scooters to visit your family and friends nearby. It is quick, and no need to worry about parking.

Electric Scooter – Cons

  • Unsafety

Many people, especially young people, may underestimate the speed and dangers of using e-scooters. And there is no driver’s license required. Therefore, electric scooters may cause serious traffic accidents.

  • Only suitable for short distances and flat road

Since the range of electric scooters is somewhat limited, so it will not be enough to drive for long road trips. And it's tiring to stand all the time. So, it may prevent many people from buying those scooters. Besides, the tires are relatively small and not fat enough, but riding an electric scooter can be difficult if the road is rough.

  • Cannot bring heavy belongings and may not be suitable for obese people

Electric scooters often have weight restrictions as well. That means the e-scooters could break down if people are heavy. In addition, carry-on items that are too heavy or too large cannot be carried, not only because of the load-bearing limit of the electric scooter but also because there is not enough space to place items.

In conclusion, electric bikes are more proper for you if you need to ride long distances, such as having a long trip or going somewhere far away. And if you are concerned about the rough road, e-bikes are also a good choice because of the fat tires. But if you only need to ride short distances, a lightweight and portable electric scooter would be more suitable.

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