Electric bikes can help you keep your New Year's resolutions


Thousands of Americans are regretting their holiday feasts and planning overly ambitious resolutions for the new year. In most cases, resolutions don't last beyond the first few months of the year. What is the secret to making a resolution you can keep for a full year? A reasonable goal must provide tangible benefits (such as happiness and health) and be easy to achieve. Experts agree that setting reasonable goals is the key. Find resolutions you can actually keep instead of trying to lose 50 pounds in 90 days. A simple solution to achieving multiple meaningful resolutions... Buy an electric bike. While e-bikes may seem like a stretch, they provide millions of Americans with countless reasons to use them for transportation. Do you still have doubts? With the help of electric bikes, you can actually keep 5 New Year's resolutions in 2023.

Increase your activity level

New Year's resolutions often involve losing weight, but it's easy to put it off during the weeks before the new year. With an e-bike, you can actually keep your resolution to become more active rather than lose weight. You can keep moving without going to the gym by riding an e-bike a few days a week. If you look for new places to explore, you might not even realize you're getting a workout! The workout is effective and low-impact. Even when using pedal assist devices, pedaling hard can give you an effective low-impact workout. Considering that e-bike riders ride longer distances than standard bike riders, studies have found that they get more workouts per week! A great form of exercise that's both fun and exhilarating.

Save more by spending less!

New fashion Electric bike

Despite the experts' reluctance to admit it, let's be honest... It's recession time. In 2023, smart consumers will put more money into savings because the painful inflation rate seems to have no end in sight. Rent, utilities, and food are simply too expensive for some Americans, so they have to spend less. You can save some money by cutting back on your daily trips to Starbucks, but what will save you even more? What a great idea! A new e-bike can cost a lot of money, but it is well worth it when you consider the savings it brings! Starting with a few hundred dollars is a good place to start. First, let's save a couple hundred dollars per month on gasoline. Parking costs are eliminated immediately when riding an e-bike. In addition, e-bikes require little maintenance in comparison to cars. Buying an e-bike this year can add thousands to your bank account. Payments start at $75 per month with Juiced's flexible financing options. To save even more right away, see if your state or city offers e-bike rebates.

Help the environment by doing your part

Maybe you have been reducing meat consumption, using less plastic, conserving water, and recycling more in order to help the environment. Saving the environment may seem like a lofty goal that necessitates drastic lifestyle changes, but it doesn't have to be this way. E-bikes powered by Breeze rider ebike produce zero emissions! Do you think an electric bike is too much work for you to ride every day to work? Nothing to worry about. It is possible to reduce the impact on the environment even by using an e-bike instead of driving short distances. By taking this simple step, you will be contributing to the health of the planet for many years to come.

Each month, try something new

BRE electric bike bring you to exploring new place

As a result of wanting to take on something big at once, keeping a New Year's resolution can often be challenging. Your electric bike will help you get there each month if you try something new each month. Your hometown will be opened up to you if you ride an electric bike. (And give you some ideas what to do next!) It might be fun to try a nearby restaurant next month, and then to ride to a neighboring city the following month. By riding an electric bike once a month, you can challenge yourself to try something new.

Exploring New Places

Breeze Rider Ebike

Don't know where to start when it comes to traveling in 2023? You'll be ready to ride after checking out the best U.S. cities for e-biking! Whenever you ride an e-bike across the country, you'll find countless scenic bike paths, so traveling to new places is a snap. A car-driving tourist is unlikely to discover these hidden spots! Can't make it across the country? Take your bike on an adventure this weekend! Anywhere from the park to mountain trails is a great place to ride a fat tire bike. Several medium to large cities in the U.S. have bicycle lanes that are separate from the traffic so they can be used worry-free while biking.

It may sound daunting to choose a New Year's Resolution you can actually accomplish, but it doesn't have to be. These 5 resolutions are easy to accomplish when riding an electric bike, whether you own one or are looking for one. With code NY150, get $150 OFF any new Breeze Rider Ebike e-bike in the new year during our New Year Sale. It's best to act sooner rather than later. January 16th is the last day to take advantage of this deal.

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