Electric Motorized Bicycle Accessories - Safety and Convenience


Breeze Rider carries a wide variety of high-quality electric motorized bicycle Accessories, from mirrors to an Armageddon headlight. Other Ebike Accessories include fenders, bike bells, and pannier bags. If you're looking for additional safety features, these accessories are essential. Biktrix even sells spare batteries and pannier bags, so you can easily keep all of your essentials close at hand. But before you start shopping for your new Ebike, make sure to check out these items first!

Safety Gear

Safety gear is a must-have for your electric motorized bicycle. Helmets and elbow pads help protect you in case of an accident, and safety vests attract attention at night. Biking gloves keep your hands dry and prevent blisters. Cell phone holders and drink holders are handy accessories to mount on your handlebars. For extra convenience, consider purchasing a GPS-tracked personal alarm. Ebike accessories can make riding more enjoyable for you and your passengers.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses help protect your eyes from dust particles and harmful rays. Regular glasses may not be sufficient. Original safety glasses come with curved edges that protect your eyes from the side. A storage bag for your Ebike is a great safety accessory. It holds the accessories you need while cycling. Many accessories are included with a new electric bike. A list of your desired electric motorized bicycle accessories will help you narrow down your selection and ensure you get exactly what you want.


Bright lights are another necessary electric motorized bicycle accessory. These lights can be easily attached to your battery pack and will help you be seen during nighttime. This will ensure that you're seen by motorists and other road users. They're also portable and rechargeable, and will last for many miles. If you ride your Ebike at night, lights will make it easier to navigate unfamiliar terrain, which can increase your safety. So, don't be afraid to add these Ebike Accessories to your list!


For added safety, consider purchasing an electric motorized bicycle lock. These lockable devices come with a built-in alarm that will sound if your bike is moved or is stolen. They'll give you plenty of warning with 90-120 decibels of noise. You can purchase these kits for around $25-30. You'll be glad you did. If you're looking for safety, consider purchasing a front disk lock for your Ebike.


Another safety accessory to consider is a helmet. Many models of Ebikes reach up to 28mph. Injuries at this high speed are most often to the head. Choose a helmet with a proper fit, and make sure the model comes with additional safety features and security measures. The safety features of an ebike helmet add to its overall security. You can even buy an action camera that will record your journeys in full HD.

Other electric motorized bicycle accessories that make biking safer include a handlebar bag. These are waterproof and can hold small electronics. For audio entertainment, a small Bluetooth speaker is an ideal solution. Choose a waterproof model if you're concerned about the device catching on the spokes of your bicycle. This can help prevent accidents while you're riding in the rain or during nighttime. At the same time, you can also purchase a lighted bike light.

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