Mountain Electric Bicycle Accessories


Ebike Accessories are accessories for your mountain electric bicycle. A commuter handlebar bag, a pannier bag, or a backpack are convenient ways to carry work items. Most of these bags are equipped with small compartments. You can use them to carry business cards, your laptop, and other small items. If you use your electric bike to commute to and from work, you may want to add a first-aid kit. These accessories can help you enjoy your ride even more.

Safety Gear

Safety gear is a crucial Ebike accessory. You should buy helmets and elbow and knee pads to protect your body in case of accidents. Moreover, wearing breathable clothing will help you stay comfortable in the hot summer months, and padded clothes will cushion your body in case of a fall. Personal alarms are an excellent choice if you're riding in unfamiliar places. Many of them include GPS tracking. For added security, consider purchasing a horn for your ebike.

Padded Backpack

A padded backpack is a great accessory to have if you're planning to travel a lot. It can carry your daily necessities and even an umbrella. A fixed plate on the back prevents it from catching on spokes, and reflective strips are included on both sides of the bag for increased visibility during night rides. Comfortable handles allow you to lift the bag and the buckles can be adjusted according to your bike's rack.


Another important mountain electric bicycle accessory is lights. Bright lights are important for safety, especially at night. If you get into an accident and hit an ebike with a car, the insurance of the driver's vehicle will not cover the damages to your ebike. But the insurance of the car driver might cover your injuries. So, a good light is a cheap insurance, and it can save your life! You can also choose a light that will make your ebike more visible to vehicles.

Integrated Rear Racks

Ebikes with integrated rear racks can be customized to accommodate extra passengers or cargo. The eBike can be equipped with up to 150 pounds of cargo. Other compatible accessories range from small rear storage baskets to a folding seat. Some of them include a dinging bell to alert other riders of your presence. You can even use Ebikes with integrated rear racks in the city.

Another mountain electric bicycle accessory that you may want to invest in is a U lock. A U lock is important to keep your electric bike safe. It makes it harder to steal your bike when you are out riding. These locks come with built-in number lock technology and are keyless, eliminating the need to carry your keys. You can purchase one that costs between $30 and $50, depending on the brand. You can also buy a lock that is keyless so that you can enter the lock pattern without having to remove it.

A Bluetooth speaker can be another useful mountain electric bicycle accessory. The Soundlink Micro Bluetooth speaker is a good choice for outdoor use. It is waterproof and features a durable strap for easy carrying. A Bluetooth speaker also doubles as a car alarm when you lock up your bike. It also works with key fobs, so you can easily control it from your phone. In case you get separated, you can use the Bluetooth speaker to call for help. In the event of an emergency, a portable air pump will come in handy.

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