Commuting on an electric bike.


For years, I've commuted to work on my e-bike. With my trusty BRE E300B, I conquered many of Seattle's hills and confidently rode electric bike through the cityscape.

From driving every day and parking a few blocks away to commuting on my e-bike for the first time. I took a crash course in, well, not crashing ...... And other things. To help you better understand electric bike. I want to share what I learned and maybe you can ride your ebike to work too.

Commuting by ebike

It's as fast as driving.

Assuming you live 20 miles down the highway from work, then yes, a car would be faster. But for me it takes the same amount of time to commute to work on an e-bike (24 minutes to get to work on an electric bike, no time to park) as it does to drive (22 minutes and another 1-10 minutes to find a parking spot to park, depending on how lucky I am). On my e-bike, I can use the bike lane and avoid the traffic jams. When I arrive at work, I don't need to find parking. It's a win-win.

ride to work

It is cheaper than driving.

Bicycle repairs are usually much cheaper than car repairs. In my first 90 days of commuting by ebike. I rode my e-bike 650 miles, had my brakes adjusted twice, and spent a total of $34. That's almost exactly what I spend on gas every week. Or but the car repairs and gas cost over $400 in three months (plus $60 for an oil change). My co-worker did a cost comparison of e-biking vs. driving and he has since saved thousands of dollars.


Lunchtime = happiness.

I have so much more freedom on my lunch break! I can slip in and out of various restaurants a few blocks away, or grab a bite to eat, and then come back to the office with plenty of time to eat. I'm not limited by distance or time, while still getting a breath of fresh air to fuel my day.

Happiness time

Multiple layers of clothing, for the win.

With the temperature change in the morning and evening, I learned to carry a few different pieces of gear with me so that what should have been a fun 5-mile ride didn't turn into a daunting escapade with no end in sight. I always carry a pair of warm gloves, a pair of light gloves, a hat and rain pants. This keeps every ride comfortable and attainable, so you don't have to end your ride because of the weather and change transportation to get where you need to go.

Beautiful day, beautiful neighborhood.

Nice ride

I was able to enjoy the scenery of Seattle streets during the ride, which was so much better than being in a car. I can turn easily and quickly on any street and stop anywhere, and likewise get lost at will, which makes every ride an adventure. Since starting my e-bike journey, I have discovered many new places, new restaurants, and good looking neighborhoods. Even though I grew up in Seattle and think I know the place, there are still many hidden treasures to be discovered, and I can enjoy the city better through ebike riding.
Since I started commuting by ebike, I've found that I love riding. Typically, on a weekend ride, I ride 10-15 miles just to explore. If you want to try biking to work too, try out different routes on the weekend first and find the one that works best for your commute so you don't have to worry about being late. When you feel you have your route, gear and time under control, then start enjoying your ride, enjoy the views and think about how good it feels to be surrounded by nature.

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