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BreezeRiderEBike begins with a group of young people chasing their dreams - rolling hills, raging rivers, rice paddies and watermelon fields. On a hot summer day, a group of young people who were about to complete their master's degrees from graduate school began their dream journey.  Some of them studied economics, some studied finance, some majored in marketing, and they came from all over the country.  Seemingly never having traveled the same road, but coming together because of the same dream. We hope that with our efforts, more people can have cool and cost-effective electric bikes.  So that they can feel the fun of chasing the wind better while reducing physical exertion.

Story About that Summer:

One summer, we are still young, at that time we do not know each other, but in a certain summer, we all coincidentally did something that seemed boring but was enough to last a lifetime. We and our friends pedaled our ebikes that we borrowed from different places to chase the rain, wind, and sunset in the hot summer day. We passed by rice fields, climbed over hills, and went through the forest. Although we could feel the speed and freedom on the downhill, while we had to struggle to pedal the ebike and endure the exertion on the uphill. Despite the sun was in full swing, we still enjoyed the pleasure of the breeze during the summer rides. It's been more than 10 years since that time, but the feeling of that summer day is still fresh in my mind.

The BreezeRiderEbike can take you chase the passion for adventure, and provide unforgettable experience in snow, beach, city, or mountain.

Fun of BreezeRiderEbike

Besides the sunburned skin and trembling feet from long hours of riding, I think the greatest reward that BreezeRiderEBike like to bring for everyone is the impulse, fearlessness, passion, freedom and pure and sincere friendship of our youth. The sunset of that day is the most beautiful sunset we have ever seen in our lives.

So, when we met in graduate school, talking about that sincere, profound, and unforgettable moment.  One idea came to our mind. Why can't we sell a ebike that can pedal by ourselves, but it also is electrically powered? That way, people's memories won't have those tired moments.  Only the feeling of freedom when they're chasing the wind with their friends. They can ride their own style of BreezeRiderEbike to create more exciting, memorable and unique stories than ours. That's why we created our brand BreezeRiderEBike.

The BreezeRiderEbike can take you chase the passion for adventure, and provide unforgettable experience in snow, beach, city, or mountain.

If you are reading this story, you are 16 years old.  Please imagine the feeling of going out with your friends to chase the wind. If you are reading this story and you are 60 years old. Please remember the moment when you were young and full of passion with your close friends. Our purpose is not to sell ebike to you, our purpose is to let you use our ebike, you can find that unique passionate memories. We hope that through riding you can feel not only the self.  But also the freedom of the wind and the speed of passion.

It’s better to chase the wind than wait for it come!

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