6 Reasons to Start Riding an Electric Bike


If you haven't heard about electric bikes lately, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. They are easy to ride, versatile, and sustainable.

In our opinion, e-bikes are the future. In case you need more than our confidence to convince you of the benefits of electric, check out these six reasons.

Range in real terms

Electric bikes have the most obvious advantage over non-electric bikes: their powerful batteries allow them to travel further. With our most powerful electric bikes, you can travel up to 120 km on a single charge. Cycling adventures are more fun with battery support, since you don't have to push yourself as hard.

An energizing workout

In spite of this, e-bikes are great for your health and can still provide you with a healthy workout and the amount of exercise you need. It allows you to do exactly what you want when you want. By providing the support you need when you need it, you are able to ride more and exercise more often.  When you're pedaling, their batteries allow you to rest and cool down at your leisure.



Sailing without sweat

This is why e-bikes are so popular with commuters and urban cyclists. There have been times when we've ridden our bikes to work or met a friend and looked like we'd just gotten off the treadmill when we arrived. When you ride an e-bike, you won't have to sacrifice speed and convenience on your short city trips.

Sustainability at its best

One-fifth of the total global CO2 emissions are caused by the transportation industry. When it comes to speed and distance, regular bikes can't compete with cars for those who need to travel long distances. A bike with an electric motor has a greater range and a more powerful battery. We can get around more sustainably without sacrificing our ability to travel for work or play by using electric bikes instead of cars.

A great deal

E-bikes are a sustainable means of transportation, which is why countries around the world subsidise their purchase by subsidizing their investment. There are aggressive incentives being considered by governments from Europe to the United States to encourage the purchase of e-bikes. Add to that the fact that many e-bikes already offer great value - our own BRE V8, for example, costs just $1,599 - and e-bikes make financial, exercise and environmental sense.

Electric bike


Joint pain and asthma are just some of the health issues that can keep us from riding regularly. The help an e-bike provides may be just what you need if you enjoy cycling but have these limitations.


E-bikes require almost as much care as good quality bikes, contrary to popular belief. They are easy to store and maintain. You won't find most e-bike components to be more complicated than those on a standard bike - check out our guide for detailed tips.

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